TurboLayout - a silkenmermaid software product
Mac / Windows PC


Install TurboLayout for Mac OS X

Installation Instructions

1. If you haven’t already downloaded, first download TurboLayout for Mac OS X by clicking “Free Download.”

2. Once the download has completed, you will have TurboLayoutForMac.zip. Usually, it will be in your Downloads folder as shown in the following sample image.

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3. Double click TurboLayoutForMac.zip to unzip it to TurboLayout.app as shown in the following sample image.

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4. Drag TurboLayout.app to Applications folder in Finder as shown in the following sample image. 

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5. To start the application, double-click on the TurboLayout icon in the Applications folder in the Finder. If a warning “TurboLayout" is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? appears, click Open.

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6. If you haven’t yet purchased TurboLayout, it will run in limited trial mode. If you have already purchased it, here are instructions to activate your TurboLayout license.

You can uninstall TurboLayout at any time with a few mouse clicks.

TurboLayout is also available for Windows.

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Questions or problems? Please email turbolayout@silkenmermaid.com