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Upgrade TurboLayout

Upgrade edition, for example from Home Edition to Advanced or Professional Edition

If you have already purchased TurboLayout Home or Advanced edition annual subscription, you can upgrade to a higher edition of TurboLayout.

For example, you can upgrade from Home to Advanced, or Home to Professional, or Advanced to Professional edition.

Follow these steps to upgrade:

1. Purchase the edition that you want to upgrade to as if it’s a new purchase. You can buy TurboLayout here:


2. Email us your previous order number and the new order number. We will provide you a pro-rated refund of your previous order. Please send your email to turbolayout@silkenmermaid.com

Example: John purchased TurboLayout Home edition annual subscription for $10 and decided to upgrade to Advanced edition after four months of using the Home edition. He purchased the Advanced edition and emailed us his previous and new order numbers. We refunded John 66.66% for his previous order because there were still 8 months to complete his annual subscription period for the previous order.

If you’re buying TurboLayout for the first time, You cannot buy an upgrade. Please purchase a new subscription. 

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Download and install TurboLayout for free with a few mouse clicks.
You don't even have to give us your email address.

TurboLayout comes with a 14-day full money back guarantee.